About Town & Country Insurance Agency

Let Us Introduce Ourselves To You!

Town & Country Insurance Agency is a service oriented Agency, ready to act upon your request. We too are searching for quality customers such as you! We are a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa with agents Tom Anderson and Pam Wooters to answer your questions.

Town & Country Insurance Agency has 30 years of experience in farming, crop adjusting and agency services and offer a variety of products to meet all of your insurance needs for your business and personal life that include Property & Casualty (home and auto), Commercial, Farm and Crop.

Town & Country Insurance Agency works closely with top rated insurance companies such as Nationwide, Grinnell Mutual, German Mutual, Progressive, North Star Mutual, and Farmers Mutual & Hail, just to name a few.

Let us prove to you that “Our Time is Your Time.”

An Insurance Agency Or Online Insurance? What's The Difference?

Everyone has personalized needs and that is why an insurance agent’s advice can be valuable in writing your insurance policy. Insurance can vary and you do not want to purchase an online insurance policy and discover later it won’t protect you during a claim. You can discuss with us in person your needs to ensure you get the coverage you need and your personal information will be kept secure. We are an Independent Insurance Agent that sell for multiple companies making it to your advantage that we can get quotes from several companies so we can offer you the most favorable rates for your particular risk type. Online insurance purchases tend to be a onesizefitsall, whereas, we make our policies fit our individual customers. We are your trusted advisor. There are no scams with us. And no talking to a machine. We have our office located in the local community and are very active in our community.