Motorcycle & RV Insurance

Motorcycle, Snowmobile And All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Insurance

It is best to carry separate policies for coverage rather than coverage through your homeowner’s policy. Coverage through your homeowner’s policies is very limited, as it provides coverage for the physical property damage only. There is no coverage on a homeowner’s policy for Off-premises, Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorists, Medical Payments, Comprehensive and Collision, Rental, Trip Interruption, Accessories (usually coverage up to $3,000 for no extra premium), and Transport Trailers. The average premium is usually less than $150 a year.

Boat Insurance

Cover your boat on the water and on the road. Protect your boat with boat insurance. There are options for specialized coverage including physical damage, personal effects and fishing equipment, on-water towing, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance. Protect yourself, your family and others against bodily injury payments, damaged property payments, payment of the cost of defending claims against you. Boat insurance covers many kinds of boats like jet boats, ski boats, fishing boats, sailboats.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Be safe wherever your travels take you from home. Feel secure knowing you have coverage for Total-Loss Replacement, Road Assistance, Emergency-Expenses, Campsite Liability, RV and Tow Vehicle Customization, Personal Belongings, Medical Benefits, Fire Department Charge, and Locksmith Services. There is a difference between standard automobile insurance and insurance provided by specialty RV insurance companies.